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Coherence Spring Integration Coherence Spring Integration

Version: 1.0.0 built on 2013-09-10 13:35

This release of the Coherence Spring Integration is designed specifically for use with Oracle Coherence 12.1.2 and above.


The Coherence Spring Integration project provides mechanisms for application developers to integrate Oracle Coherence and Spring-based applications.

In this initial release, the Coherence Spring Integration project introduces a new Spring-based mechanism that Oracle Coherence may use to resolve configured objects. Instead of Oracle Coherence instantiating developer provided classes itself, say for example when using the <class-scheme> and <instance> in cache configuration files, the integration allows developers to specify how to resolve objects using a standard Spring BeanFactory.

For example, rather than instructing Oracle Coherence to instantiate a CacheStore implementation, developers may request that a CacheStore be resolved using a BeanFactory.


Further information about how to use the integration is provided in the usage documentation.

Dependency Configuration

To include this library as a Maven dependency, include the following in your application pom.xml: